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"So glad my husband and I made the choice to use Renaissance to manage our home. They had the answers to all my questions and concerns. Makes our life less stressful knowing are home is managed in good hands while we are not in the area. I recommend Renaissance to anyone with a home away from home."

Jessica, Toms River, NJ


Renaissance is the premier choice in preventative home maintenance. This is not a side job for us. We are trained professionals who are licensed & fully insured. Your home is treated as if it was our own.

Every maintenance program is custom built to fit your needs. Renaissance applies the same attention to detail in preventative maintenance, that you put into making your house a home.

We are always on call for any of your maintenance and repair needs.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Mildew and mold is a serious issue for coastal homes. Your house is subject to considerable damage without humidity control. It is vital to keep your AC system fully operating so that you avoid deterioration of your compressor equipment or clogged drain lines.

Interior and Exterior Caulking

In New Jersey, it is extremely important to replace all defective caulk inside and out. Moisture collects and cracks can occur, creating a passageway for insects to enter your home. Interior caulking is vital. During the hot summer months, a considerable amount of shrinkage sets in due to the dehumidifying effect of air conditioning.

Sliding Doors

Rust and corrosion caused by a buildup of dust and salt from the sea will cause serious problems for sliding doors. When Renaissance technicians enter your home, we take the doors off their tracks before cleaning and lubricating to ensure they will always slide open freely.

Lighting Lubrication and Bulb Replacement

Something to think about is, when your untreated bulbs corrode in the socket, this makes it very difficult to remove and replace them. In addition, our technicians will replace light bulbs in difficult to reach areas such as high ceilings and tight corners. We have the proper ladders and equipment to handle any type of dangerous chore for the homeowner.

Door and Window Hardware

All of your doors and windows need attention due to the harsh weather conditions of the northeast. Since your home is near the ocean, the salty air is very corrosive and damaging. Over time, it makes all of your windows and doors difficult to operate. To avoid expensive replacements costs, proper cleaning and lubrication is needed.

Hot Water and Heater Flushing

In New Jersey, hot water heaters are easily corroded inside and out due to the humidity and salt air. It is crucial that they are regularly flushed to remove sediment. If you do not maintain your water heater properly, it is subject to possible corrosion that can destroy the heating coils. It is also possible that the water heater can burst and flood your home.